Wednesday, 5 May 2010

We don't need to walk alone.

At what point do we admit to ourselves that we are past the point of our ability or endurance in a given situation? If most of us are truthful, the idea of admitting that we can't fix it, sort it, control it or whatever brings with it a sense of failure, the idea that we are not as in control or as capable as we had imagined.

Of course our whole upbringing and education can also help to provide the basis for not wanting to seem to need help, "I can do it myself" was a common shout from my daughter when she was a little girl, a very independent child and young woman. How often it is not until something is almost or actually beyond fixing that we admit to the fact that we really can't do it on our own? In my careers I have certainly come across times like this, and if you knew me you would know how much I used not to like failing, possibly thats why most companies I worked for gave me the difficult, sometimes nigh on impossible jobs to do.
Do you every feel like this?
 On one occasion I recall working on a particularly complex design which had some nasty algorithms in the software which we had spent months testing, only to have them fail again. Long nights, hard days, until on the way to the office one morning, I thought to pray, "Lord I don't know how to fix this, can you show me what needs doing?". No flash of lights, bangs of inspiration, sorry if you were expecting that result, but a peace and calm that allowed me to take a fresh look at the information and test results, see a pattern and recognise eventually the issue, something I had gotten wrong because I am not perfect.

The point is God never meant us to struggle with life alone, he meant us to walk with him - Christ tells us not to carry the worlds burden on our shoulders but instead to carry his, a light and easy one. He wants to be involved in all that we do and have a proper daily relationship with us. If you don't have this now you might want to rethink your priorities and get into a relationship with him. Visit you local church, ask about the God who loves us enough to want that relationship, only a fool thinks they can do it all alone and the beginning of true wisdom is recognising and respecting that God.

Go for it, you were never meant to walk alone ...

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