Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Just one look

If you are of "mature" years like me, you might remember the Hollies song "Just one Look", with its chorus: Just one look, that's all it took, Just one look ...

Its true at least in my experience, that one look is often all it takes, no word spoken, no actions, just a look. That look can indicate adoration, heartfelt love; it can indicate hatred, loathing and fear; it could be sadness or sympathy. Our faces are an incredible window on what we are feeling and how we are reacting in a given place and time.
Sarah & Neil
Phil & Louis
Last Summer I watched two of my Children marry, and the looks that were exchanged between the couples during the services, were priceless, devotion, love, joy all mixed together. Not a word spoken and neither was any needed, the looks on each face showed all that was going on between them.

A few years back my wife and I went to  New York and at sundown one evening stood on top of the Empire State building, I noticed the look on Nicola's face, joy, wonder ..., its a great romantic place and time - guys take note!

I was stopped in my Bible reading the other morning at the point where Jesus, during his trial, looks at Peter (Luke 22:61-62); Peter who had swore never to let Jesus down but had denied he knew him three times that night already; Just one look, thats all it took! We don't know how Jesus looked at him - perhaps sadness, perhaps love, but whatever the look it hit Peter and Peter must have felt his very soul was being torn because he wept. Possibly feeling he could never be good enough to serve Jesus, never able to look his friend and lord in the face again.

Now we know the end of the story where Peter is restored by Jesus after Jesus' rose again from the dead, but what about us? How often do we leave saying sorry, offering forgiveness or restoring someone to our affection and carry anger, guilt, sin or pain unnecessarily?  Paul writing to the church in Ephesus tells them not let their anger get the better of them, "don't let the sun go down on your anger"

Do you know that whatever your situation, Jesus can help you put it right? He is the one who loves you even when you find nothing to like even about yourself? The one who will give you just one look that says "I love you more than you can know".

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