Monday, 26 March 2018

An Easter Thought

How we act, think or speak in large part depend upon what we believe, hold to and accept as truth or fact. Preparing for last Sundays sermon I was looking at this in relation to Jesus' raising of Lazarus from the dead, prior to his entry into Jerusalem on what we now call Palm Sunday.

Two reactions occurred as result of this raising of the dead man - some believed and wanted to follow Jesus. Others went to the authorities as they wanted him stopped. He didn't fit their idea of what he should have been, he upset too many of their accepted ways of behaviour and challenged attitudes and perceptions.

It is not so different today, is it? Some accept Jesus and the evidence for who he is and so in faith believe. Others do all that they can to discredit and marginalise him. And of course there are many shades between the two.

Does the death of Jesus and his rising again colour every act, thought and word in my day or does it only affect me when I want it or allow it to? Does my response to what Jesus has done mean that I am prepared to give everything to him or do I hold back from that kind of total surrender?

It is, I think in that kind of surrender that we can experience the joy and peace that God offers us, and I think these are things we all need in our overly busy, frantic lives.

In their desire to kill Jesus, the religious leaders came up with a plan that sacrificed one, Jesus, for the many, the Jewish people where-ever they were. One dying for all would do very nicely.

God intended that one, Jesus, would die for all humanity, not limited but inclusive. One would die to take away the sin of the world and so make relationship with God and the offer of life eternal possible for all who could accept it.

I wondered how we would react if Jesus came today, how would we see him? Would he challenge our religious perceptions, our ways of life, our understandings? I suspect he would.

So here are a some things that you might like to reflect upon over this next week as we approach Easter.

Reflection – how have I tried to make Jesus fit my mould?

Reflection – what does Jesus death and resurrection mean to me?

Reflection – Do I hold back from total surrender to Jesus?

Reflection – Consider the peace and Joy in your life and give thanks to Jesus for it.

Happy Easter.