Monday, 16 January 2012

Common Union

This last weekend I revisited a subject, Active Participation, with the church that was originally prompted by a college (and now Pastor) friend who came up with the phrase when we were investigating scripture and its relation to church life - we are called to Actively Participate in all that Christ is and wants us to be part of - his Church.

What stuck me was the way in which communion as the central point of the service that Sunday, provided a focal point for so much of what God wanted to do through the service. The worship planned by one of worship leaders, the prayers, the sermon (1Cor 10:14-33 but especially verses 16, 17) and the sharing around the table all led to one point - the presence of Christ calling us to actively engage with him and so in his work and mission through his church, well our expression of his Church. A number felt able to be anointed with oil and prayed for during communion as the tangible power of God was among us to touch's folk's lives.

The point, for me, of verses 16 and 17 is that we are blessed and so bless through taking part in communion or our common union with Christ and with each other. Further we are called to take part, actively participate in this with Christ - we symbolically take into ourselves the very body and blood of Christ and so share in his death and resurrection. Dying once again to self that Christ may be Lord of our lives and we might grow in him.

The Message rendition tells us that in this union with Christ and each other - Christ is not reduced to our level but he raises us to what he is - stunning really stunning - he raises us up in our common union with him. What a saviour we have!

Sermon link if you are interested