Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Jesus in the storm

You may remember the song "You raise me up" made popular by Westlife but originally by Secret Garden. There is a line in it that I think sums up life.

"When troubles come and my heart burdened be"

All of us have struggles as some point in our lives, storms to brave and overcome. Some of us can manage it on our own, sometimes, others need help. Understanding our need for help and having the courage to call out, to ask, is so important.

John Donne wrote

"No man is an island, entire of itself .." as he put down his thoughts and he goes on to suggest that each has impact on each other, we rely on each other. You can read the whole mediation here.

The disciples in the boat on the stormy lake, were afraid for their lives while Jesus slept in the boat, unconcerned about the turbulence of the storm. The disciples knew the waters, they fished there for a living, but the storm was beyond their ability. Jesus awoke, calmed the storm and peace returned.

The disciples needed something as they were beyond their abilities, sometimes we need help, from friends, relatives, even from complete strangers. Admitting the need is a strength not a weakness.

When we call on Jesus, all things are possible. Storms calmed, illness healed, lives changed. Recognising our need for him in our lives is a strength that will produce a rich reward. Life in all its fullness, life that will not be trouble free, but life that has the help that we need to deal with them and overcome them. Turning to him can never be a sign of weakness or failure but a sign of strength.