Friday, 8 June 2012

Come on and Celebrate ...

We have just celebrated the Queens diamond Jubilee - 60 years on the throne, a great occasion and one where the whole UK celebrated with the commonwealth and the rest of the world. In all of this the Queen is and has been a figure of respect and unity.

Jesus is the head over the Christian Church, he is the unifying factor of all peoples and of his Church. He has been for nearly 2000 years. Its in Christ that we have unity, even when at times we seemed fractured and broken as churches. Church history is littered with broken churches and splits. BUT the Church in all of its multi coloured forms is one under Christ.

Our church is one such multi-coloured form, a Baptist church formed in 1662 - so for us this year is a celebration of 350 years of witness and faithful service to Christ, our head. This weekend we will be celebrating with Potter St Baptist Church, which emerged from the same root as Harlow Baptist church at the same time.

We are celebrating with services
10.45am - Joint Celebration @ Harlow Baptist church, Fore St Harlow - CM17 0AB
4.30pm (ish) - Joint Celebration @ Potter Street Baptist church, Potter Street, Harlow - CM17 9AW

and a shared lunch and games afternoon
12.30pm - onwards Lunch and games

Jesus is Lord, over his Church, over the churches, over his people!