Saturday, 7 October 2017

Making a difference

Whats the point? Its a question many people ask themselves, whats the point of life, whats the point of what-ever I am doing? Will it really make any difference?

I guess it usually depends upon our state of mind, our beliefs or our sense of achievement as to how we see the answer to these sorts of questions. Also I suspect that for many of us with our lives continually focused on the next text, facebook like or phone call, there is little time to reflect on what impact we or the things we do have on others.

A recent news article on a town in the north of England, suggested that parents should spend less time on their mobiles and more giving attention to their children, its a theme picked up by schools and organisations around the world. In my opinion its not just children who are affected, how many of us are busy on our phones when we are with our friends and loved ones? Every spare moment consumed.

Don't get me wrong, mobile devices are a useful way to stay in touch with distance friends and relatives, this morning two of my grand-daughters and their mum, whatapp called me with video to catch up with me. It was a lovely moment and shows me that I am an important part of their lives and have a positive impact on them and they on me. In fact my wife and I try to be a positive influence in the lives of our children and their families.

So what is the point? Well for me there are a number of answers depending upon what I am doing and with whom. I will share two here. With my wife its to share my love for her and to experience her love for me. I don't know of anything more affirming in the human sense, we make a difference to each others lives. With our family its the knowledge that I can provide wise council when they need it, help them practically, be there for them and of course accept the same from them. The joy that my wife and I get from our children and grand-children is too huge to be measurable.

The point is that all of us can have a positive and good influence in our families if we put time and care into those relationships. We can even, if we chose to, mend broke relationships. There is a point.

In our society in which many would push aside any suggestion of faith in a higher being, the point to life will depend upon personal perspectives. A book I read recently has been helpful to me in revisiting reasons folks don't believe in Jesus, as I do - Making Sense of God ( A Review). Tim Keller makes a strong case for belief in Christ in an increasingly secular world.

The point for me related to Jesus, is that he empowers me to do more than I could ask or imagine. I find myself drawn into situations as a Pastor which I would never have considered before I accepted Christ into my life. Each person I visit, each person whose hospital bed I sit by to pray with, each couple I take through marriage preparation, each person I prepare for baptism, each family I walk with through the grief of the death of a loved one or a broken relationship, each of all the things God calls me to, makes a difference for those people. That's the point for me.

Being able to show God's love in each and every situation is something all Christians are asked to do and its something we can all do. Its awesome and amazing what God can do through each of us. Its one of the points of being a Christian - to make a difference.

And if you are reading this and wondering, what about me I don't believe in Jesus? God can help us make sense of who we are and our point. Tim Kellers book is a good place to go. Its about accepting that the maker of the universe loves you and wants you to know that. God wants a relationship with you. If you want a simple explanation, try reading this "A bridge to life".

Enjoy making a difference.