Saturday, 29 May 2010

Living dangerously ...

Taking Risks

Extreme sports seem to be all the rage at present. Only this week a young woman was hurt tomb-stoning from a local breakwater and another water related sport is coasteering - swimming, climbing, jumping into the sea along a piece of coastline. I like the idea of that one and the places to jump in are deep enough so its a bit safer.

What holds some of us back from taking risks in life? Is it fear of the unknown or needing to be in control or maybe we just like life to be safe and cosy? Now I am not suggesting we all need to be adrenaline junkies looking for the next extreme thing to do to get a new buzz or high. But on the other hand faith, as a friend of mine is apt to remind me, is a four letter word! While you puzzle that read on.

Daily Take up your cross

In the Bible Luke 9:18-27 Contains that amazing verse telling us to "daily take up your cross and follow me", what does that mean in daily living? - Living Dangerously ..., taking risks.

Look at where Luke places this text, just after the disciples have found that Christ can empower them to do the business - heal the sick, cast out demons, just after the feeding of the 5000. Miracles R'us!

What does Jesus then teach them? If you want to follow me, daily take up you cross and follow.

Jesus was Seen and Known -

His ministry was public, in your face and bold, he calls his disciples to follow this example. No wonder Peter was taken back at the idea of Jesus being crucified!

The cross was public and humiliating, not the place for a king or a ruler, a place for a criminal, a thief - or the son of God, doing what was needed to set us free.

Disciples are called to follow, not a one off prayer but a life of following, taking up the cross and relying on Christ - live dangerously, walk on the edge where Jesus calls you to be.

Jesus was visible, vulnerable and effective - he calls us to be the same.

Now something even more radical in our world of self centered-ness, striving to win ...

Give up to win

Imaging throwing a race or competition - madness most would think. Jesus tells us to throw the race of life to gain life eternal. He canceled the debt we owe to God and made a public train wreck of the devil and all of his works. He gave up his life to win life for us, follow me he says, let go of your security in the world, live your life dangerously for me

Jesus calls us to daily die, over and again that we might win - sounds crazy, weird and impossible and yet ... its the truth, no longer held by those things that chain us we can soar on wings like eagles for him.

We may not be brave, he can strengthen us;
We may not be gifted in our eyes, he can gift us;
We may feel powerless, he can empower us.

All it takes is to desire to live dangerously for Christ, to love him and look to him as our model.

Oh and in case you are still wondering faith ... a four letter work spelled  R..I..S..K

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