Monday, 24 March 2014


The sun making an appearance in the last few weeks had me thinking how good it feels to have the sun light brighten things up. There is no doubt in my mind that many of us are cheered up when we are in the sun-light. Its why so many head of to warmer places for their holidays, to soak up the sun. There is warmth, a colourfulness to everything that it touches. The warmth that it brings stirs new life and plants shoot up and bloom.

A few weeks back as we drove home in a rainstorm, my wife and I were talking about how dark it was in the middle of the day, only to find bright rays of sun shine coming through and a lovely double rainbow. Again the light cheered us up.

We talk of Jesus as the light of the world, he said he is just that. A light that can shine through any darkness in our lives and give us the warmth that comes from knowing God. A song I like, reminds me of the fact that just as we sun light to see things in colour, the light of the Son can set our lives ablaze with colour as we begin to see things very differently.

Just as sun light warms our physical selves, so the light of the Son lights our spiritual selves.  For me that light guides my direction, my attitudes and my actions. Let the light of the Son of God touch your lives and see everything in full colour.