Friday, 30 November 2012

Immanuel God with us

As we enter the session of Advent and prepare to celebrate Christmas once again, you might like to spend a moment or two considering what it means that God came to earth. We sing the songs and read the scriptures that talk of Immanuel - "God with us" - which the gospel writer repeated in his account of Christ's coming.

Perhaps you are happy with the idea, like many, that its really just a fairy-tale, just another children's story. On the other hand even though its historically recorded, maybe its been exaggerated to make it seem supernatural. How could God, being all powerful, become a frail human? Why would God do such a thing? If God exists at all doesn't God simply watch from afar, having little concern for us?

Consider the world and the troubles it manages to give itself? Wars, starvation, lack of health care, the poorest often suffering the most.  This Immanuel, God with us, that we so easily write off, might, if the words are true, have the answers that we are seeking - peace, wise government, justice, right living ...

If like me you believe that God did just that, came to earth, lived and died among us and has given the Holy Spirit to each and all believers - then God continues to be with us. What does that mean to us? Are our lives changing as we become more aware of what is on God's heart for the communities we live in? Are our attitudes to justice and mercy being challenged by the gentle prompting of the Holy Spirit? Does loving God affect the way we love others as we see them more as God does?

Consider, reflect and ask yourself  "so what" as you travel towards Christmas.

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