Thursday, 1 November 2012

Forgiveness - Tough Stuff

Sometimes its hard to hear Jesus' words and put them into action in the face of things that we experience. Phrases like "turn the other cheek", "forgive as you expect to be forgiven" ring in my head as I think of the impact of other peoples carelessness.

Earlier in the week our dog was severely mauled by another dog. The owner knew it had a problem, my dog happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and landed in the vets with a heap of stitches a fluid drain and a haircut that needs hiding from the world.

31st Oct - Halloween, We were out at a meeting and returned to find smashed egg running down the windows and door of the house, the effect of trick or treaters not finding us home to give them a present. My thoughts were not happy ones.

Did the dog owner intend to hurt my dog? No. Did the children who egged my house intend to mess up the house? Yes! Both for the same reason a careless disregard of others.

And then there are those who are my brothers and sisters in Christ who unknowingly or deliberately cause me offense, Jesus tells us how to go about handling such things in church life but often folks are not willing to do that. What then?

What about my own carelessness in regards of others? Those times I put myself and my wants before my wifes. Those times when I get things wrong and others are badly affected. Those times when I don't find time for my daily devotions or rush them to get on with the real Pastoring ...

Forgive as you expect to be forgiven ...

In forgiving we open up possibilities for handling things differently, trying to move on from the event or situation and bring some good or positive result from it. The dog owner is seeking help for his dog. The trick or treaters ...., those in church who hurt me - I look to find a better relationship with while helping them to change if thats needed. Those I hurt - I hope they will forgive me.

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