Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Memories that last

When I have a few moments to myself I sometimes reflect back on the experiences that have made a real impact on me during my life and travels. You know those things which are not always in your mind but at the time made a big hit with you. One that comes to mind was the first time I visited a restaurant in Singapore, called The East Coast Seafood Centre, with a work colleague, David, who knew about good places to go. It looked out over the sea and the food was excellent, Chilli Crab, Pepper Crab (my favourite) and fried squid, a feast indeed of flavours, tastes and fiery pepper and chilli. It is a place where you have to get fully involved with your food to appreciate it. I have been back each time I visited Singapore on business. It is a great memory among the boredom of airports, flying and the busyness of meetings to sort things and plan things, that were my way of life.

The one memory which tops my list and which really does it for me, was the morning I woke up to be told by my wife, Nicola, that she had accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour! Pure joy showed on her face and she asked me where her Bible was because she wanted to start reading it. Our walk with God can have such moments, should have such moments and not just the thrill of the big event with thousands of people, but the times when we can truly say - "that was God" and which survive the passage of time as reminders of just how much God has been, is and will be involved in the lives of those who love him. They help us in those times when we feel that God is not speaking or listening, and remind us that actually he always is, but perhaps we are not so good at spending time with him and hearing him.

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