Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Impressions and Make Overs

I was listening to a song in the car earlier, Lifesong by Casting Crowns and it got me to wondering what my life says about my faith.

What impression do other people have when they meet you and get to know you, do you wonder, does it concern you.? We all, so we are told, have masks that we use depending upon the people we are with and the impression that we want to give. I am sure psychiatrists and psychoanalysts have a "proper"term for this. For example when I am with my granddaughter (5 months old), I sing to her, cuddle her, talk in baby language and just enjoy having her with me. When I meet people while walking the dog, I am friendly but slightly distant, I don't want to be too pushy. Then again when I am with church people I am careful not to be ambiguous in what I say so that I don't confuse people or give a wrong impression.

I was talking earlier with some friends at college about how we thought we are meant to live as Christians given that many people complain that they see little if any difference in those in the church to those outside. Is it all about having our needs met, feeling protected and looked after? If it is how then does my lifestyle (house, cars, money to live on, safe environment, food on the table - and in the fridge, hospital when I need it ...) speak to someone who is struggling to survive, no food or money, working for a slaves wage so that I can wear nice, cheap clothes or buy nice cheap food?

I think there is a disconnect and I need to reevaluate what Christ asks when he tells me to daily take up my cross and follow him. Perhaps paying more for things and using Fair Trade or organisations like Freeset (check it out). How do I treat others, am I biased based on what they wear, where they live or how they speak? Jesus had time for all, spoke to just about anyone even those who wanted him dead. He told those who follow him that we need to see others as if they were him - "'Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.'" (The Message)

What does my life look like to others, what impression does it give, not as good as it might I fear, I need a make over in what my life shows about what I believe, how about you?

Maybe the lines from Lifesong "May my lifesong sing to you .." need to be more real in all of our lives so that Christ can be seen more clearly in the way we live and the things we do.

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