Sunday, 22 December 2013

Happy christmas 2013

 This year we have sent cards to our far away friends but not to the those in Harlow Baptist Church, our home church, opting instead to give the money we would have spent to Operation Christmas Child and putting a card in the church hall instead. Different, maybe, but hopefully the lack of a card for some will help others who really need to hear "Happy Christmas" who might not have otherwise heard that wonderful greeting.

Our prayer is that this Christmas, whatever you are each doing, where ever you are going to be - at home, with friends, with relatives or on your own, you will know the joy of Christmas and be able to celebrate it, knowing that God is with us "Immanuel".

We will be celebrating as we sing carols with all of our friends at Harlow Baptist Church, we hope you will be able to celebrate with a church near you. Go on treat yourselves this Christmas :-)

Happy Christmas, to all of those who read this blog and to all of our friends.

from Tony and Nicola

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