Sunday, 30 October 2011

Come on and celebrate

Christians are often referred to as killjoys because they object to some of the celebrations and excesses of those who don't believe. This time of year is one such, Halloween or to give it its proper title - All Hallows Eve, the evening before the celebration of All Saints day.
All Saints - Sweden

However we might think of Halloween and there are plenty of web sites giving the history from all sorts of perspectives, others that denigrate the stance of some Christians (like me) who don't take part in the ghoulish dressing up and partying. Recently I have had a few chats with folks asking me what they as Christians should do, be involved, go to the parties, keep their children out of school dances celebrating Halloween by dressing up etc.?

Its easy for us to "put it down" and blame Satan for corrupting people but is it enough for us to opt out? We are called to be salt and light in a very broken world. Maybe that means that we need to engage in a way that does not compromise our faith or celebrate evil or darkness. Have fun while celebrating all that Christ has done through his Church and through all of those who have loved him and served him. Offering alternatives, being able to explain without judging others our position on Halloween (for example), giving treats with an invite to find something out about Jesus.

Jesus went to parties mixed it with those who didn't know God and drew them to him - his Church should be doing the same getting among people, making comment by what they do for others, drawing others to celebrate Christ - once people experience the real thing celebrations like Halloween will be as nothing.

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