Sunday, 26 June 2011

More Precious than Gold

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Its an evocative statement when we say that something is more precious than Gold. Gold carries with it a sense of value, of richness, of worth, so much so that many seek for Gold or its modern day equivalents as they try to find security and happiness in life.

Its all too easy to miss what is before us in life, my recent holiday with my family in Dorset (England) reminded me that happiness and contentment have a lot more to do with love and family than success or wealth, in whatever forms they exist. While being family can be difficult as we vie for position, sometimes looking to one-up each other with our achievements, it can be an amazing place where we can share our joys and sorrows, where we can encourage each other and be who we were meant to be.

To me spending a week with my wife, three grown up children their partners and girlfriend and our granddaughter was worth more than any gold or success that life has to offer. Love in that sense is intoxicating and heady, it revives and refreshes as I take in all that they are, their conversations, the fact that I am valuable to them and they are valuable to me, we share something that gold cannot buy.

The psalms remind us that God's commands are "more precious than gold", Peter reminds us that our faith is more precious than gold to God. Those who are truly in fellowship in faith with Christ and with each other share the love of Christ and of each other and this is something more precious than any gold or silver or success of worldly value. Treasure it and hold it precious.

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