Saturday, 12 March 2011

Fun loving folks

I was at a party at the church hall earlier at which were a number of the church as well as many others. We were together celebrating a church members birthday. It struck me, looking around the room, that in this setting there was no difference between those from the church and those who were not. We were all having fun, children, teens and adults.

Sometimes it is thought that becoming a Christian means that we need to give up fun, parties, dancing and such. I think it means something much more profound - the joy we have in Christ should show through in our everyday lives.

I could say that Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine, but somehow that doesn't really fit, there was no wine or other alcohol at the party and yet a lot of fun was had. I could say we are meant to have life abundantly - but I think that has more to do with spiritual blessings in this life and with eternal life.

It had to do, I think, with Spicing the party with a certain quality - folks from the church put the thing together, made much of the food, served it, cleared up, had fun dancing and chatting.

Church at its best is perhaps Christs people, being who they are, where-ever they are. Tomorrow we will be in church worshiping God in a more recognisable way and we will still be fun loving folks. People who love God, love each other and love our neighbours.

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