Friday, 15 October 2010

Telling the Stories

In our computer and gadget driven world where there seems so little time to share the stories of life and deeds that encourage and guide us, often from the older ones among us who have much wisdom to pass on, I think we lose out on a major part of life and learning.

I am sure that many have heard expressions after mistakes have been made like "No one reads history anymore" and "if only I knew then what I know now". The thing is its often those very things that others with a few more years under their feet have grown wise in and, if asked or given the time, can share with us and help us not make those mistakes.

Moses reminds the Israelites in Deut 6 - "Get them inside of you and then get them inside your children." talking about God's commands and awesome doings. The key in this passage is to tell the children about God and all he has done, answer their questions about him and to constantly remind ourselves as well. God does not want to be taken for granted in our lives, he wants to asked to be actively involved every day.

I conducted a funeral this week and in it allowed a time for  those who knew the man to share memories of him, what struck me was the now older people, who as young men and women were deeply affected by this mans example and gentle but firm witness of his faith. They respected him and loved him and wanted to talk of his witness to God throughout his life a God who was clearly invited to involved in his life every day.

We have that desire to share the stories of Jesus to thank for the gospels as the writers under the influence of the Holy Spirit, reflected on and wrote down their accounts. The oral tradition committed eventually to paper, sharing the stories with future generations.

How often do we simply sit and share the stories of the Bible with each other? How often do we find time to talk to the children about them and enthuse them with these stories and with those of the lives of people who have followed Jesus?

After all good examples are important and we have few enough good ones to follow, telling the stories of Jesus offers an incredible example to all.

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