Thursday, 25 February 2010

The best laid plans ...

Life has its little ups and downs and it bigger ups and downs ...
I took a hard punch yesterday when something I was convinced would work out didn't; now that would have been ok but there's no understandable reason for it so there's nothing for me to pin anything to. It just didn't work out.

One of those times when you want something to blame - the folks who made the decision, the timing, some mistake on my part. Then at least I might have had a focus for angst. But sometimes trying to figure out what God is about in a situation only comes with hindsight, perhaps its for my own good or maybe for the folks involved. I prayed before and during, I thought all was on track and yet in the end it went the "wrong" way.

Preparing for a meeting earlier today I was reading 1John 4:7-21, God is love and lives in all who know him, me, my wife and the  folks who made the decision and we who love him are told to love each other. So rather than blame them or consider that they got it wrong, I find myself wishing them well and hoping that they will find the person that they need, I don't feel rejected, because God loves me and has my best interests in mind, even if I forget that at times.

A friend reminded me of some words proverbs 20:24 God directs my steps and is definitely in control. A God who is love, loves me and directs my steps, what more could I ask?

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